Freelance Video Host

Job description

Video Actor Position

Codeless is a content production agency, specializing in long-form articles and educational video content.

We’re looking for freelance video actors who are interested in shooting 2-10 minute educational video content for our clients (industries: marketing, education, software, services, affiliate, etc.). You will receive a flat rate for every video you make, depending on the length of the video. You will usually receive the video assignments in batches of 2-5 videos, so you can more easily film them in one session.

No experience is necessary, but you must already have professional-quality filming and audio equipment and an engaging on-camera presence.

If you’re interested in applying, please submit a 10-second clip introducing yourself and link to it in this application (cloud-based links preferred: Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). You will be assessed based on your on-camera presence, background and production quality.

** No video editing involved in this role - you will be sending over raw footage only **

Guidelines for the Intro Video

1. Maximum 10-second intro introducing yourself! (Eg. "Hi! I'm Jenna and I'm applying for the video host position. Here is my background and filming setup")

2. The shoot must be in the location where you plan on shooting actual client videos

3. You should be using the same equipment that you plan to use to shoot actual client videos (camera, microphone, lighting, etc)

4. Must include both video and audio

If you pass the intro video test, we’ll do a paid ($200 USD) test shoot that will be used to show clients.


  • You’ll be expected to film 2-5 videos in a batch (ranging from 2-10 minutes per video)

  • Turn around period: 4-7 days

Job requirements


  • Must have professional quality equipment (at least 1080p recording with a professional microphone). Here is a good benchmark for production quality.

  • Great camera presence

  • Fully fluent in English


  • Have a nice, professional background (home studios/living rooms are welcome or colored paper backgrounds)